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Music School of Agrinio
Comenius Project
2012 - 2014


It was an unforgettable experience. When I reached Lithuania I felt something strange but good. Sometimes I I remember the beautiful moments that lived there. I feel that all those kids are a part of my life. It was an experience that I will never forget. Next year I will try to visit Poland... <3 <3 <3

Dimitris Nikolaides

Being a part of this Comenius project was one of the most interesting and amazing experiences I had ever had! It was so nice for me and my friends to visit another country, meet new people, keep in touch with them, and generally learn things about places that I didn't know. I would definitely try it again!!!!

Argyro Bada

All my comments about Comenius Project will be excellent because I had one of the greatest experiences...
I visited Lithuania and it was like traveling in another old era.... everything seemed so different from Greece and so attractive…
I really loved the architecture, the monuments and everything I saw....
Also, I was lucky to host one girl from Poland and it was unique...
We developed a strong friendship and we share our news very often....
I am very happy about taking part in this project!!!!

Georgia Tsipa

When I went in Spain with the Comenius project, I had a really great and unforgettable experience. I met new people, they taught me Spanish words, I saw their culture and habits. I gained a new friendship with the girl, who welcomed me in her home. She and her family are still in contact with me and I am really glad for this communication, because they remind me all these great times I had with them. I loved the sculptures of their city, the Campanar, the roads we had walked, you got that taste that you are in Spain. After the view of sculptures of Algemesi, we went in Valencia. A guide guided us and the all the other missions, inside the city but through all their history. Their buildings were so full of different parts, but if you could see every part separately and then the whole view, you could find out the magic! Last but not least we visited Barcelona. I may not have gone inside Sagrada Familia, but the outside view was amazing. As I wished to go another time in Spain, my wish will become true and I will go again. My friend and her family will welcome me again in their home and so I will visit the country that make me say so many good words about it!  

Konstantia Koukouna

Well, I visited Poland and it was the best experience I've ever had in my life. Those 5 days were the best days ever and we had a lot of fun with the other students who participated in this exchange program. When I was chosen to go to Poland I felt pretty thrilled and fascinated for going there and I had the change to get on a plane and that was a very interesting and amazing experience. We learned a lot about other cultures and civilizations and we had a lot of fun there... I'll never forget that experience and I thank u so much for giving me this opportunity to participate in this program.

John Vatsikas

The Comenius Project "Of Folk Music And Men" offered me a number of once in a life time experiences. In its duration I got the chance to meet and get to know a variety of students from other countries. I was able to visit Poland, which is a beautiful country with amazing people, and learn about that country’s customs and traditions while living an everyday life! I will never forget that trip and I wish it hadn't ended because the experiences I earned from this wonderful journey will never be erased from my memory!

Maro Tsombou

It was an extraordinary experience! Everyone had to gain something valuable. Firstly, we had to cooperate with each other in order to reach a satisfactory result. Through these videos, we had discipline and tried to make the most of our potential. Furthermore, we had a great time. Behind the scenes we were cracking jokes to make this whole thing more creative. What I will always remember is the fact that we helped each other with the words of the play, the clothes and so on. This was an unforgettable experience that I will never forget!! I hope to be given the opportunity to participate again in "COMENIUS"!

Eleni Vaskantira

The Comenius Program has been an unforgettable experience! We had the opportunity to collaborate with foreign students and teachers, get to know many different cultures and the customs of each country, but to my mind the most important thing was that we've made strong friendships that will last forever! 

Chrysanthi Tserpeli

For me, participating in the Comenius project was one of the best opportunities that school has offered us. Hosting a foreign student was pretty amazing but visiting another country and being hosted by a local family was an experience I could never appreciate enough. Actually living with the locals and hanging out with other students was the best way to get to know their culture and habits. We weren't just tourists. We became part of their families even just for a while. Also, we met students from other countries which was as well a chance to get to know even more cultures. In my opinion, every meeting was an opportunity to experience foreign cultures but it also made us realize that we are not that different after all. Personally, I enjoyed to the fullest every moment of it and I'm glad I was part of the Comenius project.

Irene Alexopoulou

AMAZING!!! Our visit to Trabzon was the best exrerience of my life!
I feel really excited and soooooo happy for everything: about our visit to another country (Turkey), about all the amazing activities we've done and of course about ALL the new friends we've made :))
So about the activities... I think the presentation in the final show was the best and of course the party in the end! We will all remember this beautiful moment for a long time!!
Now about the students who hosted us and their families... I have nothing to say...they were all so kind, so good and soooo friendly with us!!!! We had one of the best moments of our lives in Trabzon :)) <3  I miss them all...
I wish we could stay there for one more week...or forever !!!!!!...

Anastasia Kapretsou

The Comenius program was an opportunity for us to meet other cultures, make new friends, travel to different countries and of course to have a lot of fun!!! It was a great experience which I would like to repeat again and again and again and again...

George Stratos

I will always remember my experience of the Comenius project. It all started when the foreign students visited our school. We became friends with most of them and we still keep in touch. I also went on the tour around Agrinio and the outskirts of it. It was amazing, as I visited places of my hometown I had never visited before. Also, I was given the opportunity to speak more to the students. Furthermore, I wrote and participated in many plays based on Greek folk songs. I will never forget the funny moments we had when filming, as well as the atmosphere, it was just perfect! Last but not least, I was chosen for the trip to Italy. I had the time of my life there! I visited some beautiful places, met lots of people, and I generally had a great time there! I hope I will have the chance to take part in a Comenius project next year again!

Christina Kalampoka